Reducing The Stress Of Financial Challenges During The Holidays

Reducing The Stress Of Financial Challenges During The Holidays

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The holiday for many are a time of great joy, happiness and gathering together with loved ones and family. While most of us absolutely love the holidays, the holiday season, especially Christmas can bring a lot of stress. Weather it is dealing with hosting the family get together, holiday shopping, planning that perfect meal, or dealing with estranged loved ones the holidays can be packed with stress. We will discuss a few ways to relieve the holiday stress this season.

For those who have financial burdens this Christmas that might be effecting your holiday budget never fear there are ways to ensure you provide some really awesome gifts that will not break your budget. When it comes to gifts you can always think small. Buying several small gifts can allow you to better suit a loved ones personality and interests as well as prolong the gift opening process. A gift bag or basket can be used to wrap up several small gifts such as snacks or nic nacks and other gifts that do not cost a fortune. Home made gifts can be a great alternative as well to store bought gifts, all it takes is a little imagination and maybe a trip to your local craft store.

For those whose finances are not that bad off but still get stressed over dealing with Christmas shopping, weather it be due to worrying about spending to much money or dealing with the huge crowds that we often face when deal hunting never fear there are ways to work around all of these problems which can greatly relieve the stress. The first thing you need to do is write out a list of who is receiving gifts this year and also plan a gift budget which will work with your unique financial situation. Once your list is finished as well as your budget you can then start to shop. You do not need to brave the crowds and hectic shopping this year. One option is if you have a rewards credit card that offers gift certificates to cash out some rewards points for gift certificates or other rewards. You can also score the exact same sales as the hectic stores or even score lower prices by shopping online from the comfort of your own home or even in your pajamas if that’s what you want. Better yet you can often score free shipping even in these hard financial times.

As far as the mental stress goes this holiday season there is something you can do to reduce the overall stress you experience. Exercising according to studies and will boost not only your overall health but also elevate certain chemicals in the brain which help to alleviate any stress. A rather good work out will cause your body to produce plenty of endorphins, which are your body’s feel good neurotransmitters in your brain. You can also take vitamins believe it or not to help reduce your stress or eat more foods rich in folic acids, B1 and B6. Biotin will help your B complex vitamins do their job better in your body, and pantothenic acid can be taken as your body depletes this when overly stressed. Lastly Vitamin C aids in the production of anti-stress hormones.

You should also quit worrying about what if’s and the future, but instead live in the present. Having a plan, avoiding trying to overspend or borrow money, that could lead to a further financial hole are excellent ideas to help reduce your anxiety and added pressure of the financial challenges many face during the holidays. Spending time dwelling on and focusing on negative things or things you cannot change will just add to your stress. Stress is invented by our own minds and is most often caused by worrying about the future or the past. Just take a deep breath and remember the holidays are not about gifts or food but about gathering with those we love.

Many people stress out about having to many social functions to attend to during the holiday season. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to go to certain functions or events, there is no rule stating you have to attend every single event you are invited to. Remember to take care of your own needs as well this holiday season, spreading yourself out to thin is not going to do you or your stress level any good. Be prepared to send polite declines on your RSVPs if that’s what you need to do, trust me people will understand. If asked why you are not attending said event simply say you have other prior engagements to attend to and that you regret you cannot attend.

Lastly this holiday season take some time out for yourself. Pamper yourself or indulge yourself a little when the stress starts to build. Treat yourself to a special treat or a trip to the spa or a massage. Spend some down time with your friends or family, maybe even get them involved in a fun manner in the holiday preparations as a group activity together to spread the work around and make the experience a pleasant one, such as decorating the house.