Why Small Businesses Need to Be Concerned with Google Penalties

Why Small Businesses Need to Be Concerned with Google Penalties

In 2013, B2C companies generated 1.2 trillion dollars online. More frequently, business owners are relying on their websites to bring in customers and drive much-needed revenue for their business. As a result of that, avoiding Google penalties must be a top priority for your business.

Understanding Google Penalties

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats throughout the course of a day. You have to adapt to competition within your industry, your customers, and the rules and regulations affecting how you do business from day-to-day. All too often, you have very little time to develop a website. However, penalties from Google force you to make website development and management a priority.

Google penalties negatively impact websites, including those established for businesses. Penalties Google impose include suppression, which can lower your website ranking within search results.
You are a small business owner, so you know a reduction on the search engine results page for your keyword has a significant effect on business revenue. For instance, customers may click on a competitor’s website, that is ranked higher, and make a purchase. You must avoid Google penalties at all costs.

Ways to Avoid Google Penalties

Operating a small business means you may not be too familiar with website development. In order to learn the ins and outs of Google penalties, you’d have to become familiar with the technical aspects of maintaining your website. If this isn’t feasible for you, then the next best option is to have a professional maintain your website.

Outsource Website Development and Management

So what options do business owners have in 2015? We reached out Art Johnson with High Level Marketing to get some additional tips. As a business owner, you are familiar with the concept of outsourcing. It is the business process of leveraging another person’s expertise. With website development and management, the benefits of outsourcing remain the same as in any other business function. By outsourcing your website development and management you avoid:
• Google penalties
• Maintaining your website design
• Optimizing your site
Ultimately, you free up time and resources by outsourcing your website to capable experts in the field.

Moving Your Business Forward

In truth, outsourcing your website design and maintenance doesn’t mean you have to completely be hands off. You can still tweak your website, whenever you desire. However, outsourcing your website to a marketing firm, for instance, will help you position your business competitively within your industry. With a marketing firm as your strategic partner, you can ensure that your on-site content is optimized, your blogs contain meaningful content, and your off-site content aligns with Google’s expectations.