Loan Options Dwindling For Residents In Wisconsin

Loan Options Dwindling For Residents In Wisconsin

If you live in Wisconsin, your personal loan options might seem rather limited. If you are feeling trapped by non-competitive rates, read on further, or if you have been having trouble locating a personal loan, this article was written with you in mind. Today you can find the best personal loan rates online, but how do you find the right lender? A lender you can trust, who runs a secure website and has thousands of satisfied customers and a solid reputation? If you are looking for such a lender, and a lender who does business in Wisconsin, we have complied a list of the top online lenders doing business in Wisconsin.

Of course applying for a loan online differs from filing out a loan at a bank. For starters it is generally easier! Also approval times tend to be much quicker, provided that you have provided all the information the lender requests. Generally you can expect an approval in 24 to 48 hours after you have applied. You should have on hand information such as your income, length of employment, residence, and of course standard information such as your social security number. You should also be ready to fax over verification of income, many lenders will require this, so being prepared can speed up the process. Below is a list of the top online lenders who provide personal loans to residents of Wisconsin.

Pioneer Military Loans
If you have ever served in the military, or are a career retired military professional, or are a current servicemen or women, Pioneer services might very well be the lender for you. This lender specializes in making loans to military personal. They understand military life and deployments, as well as the unique challenges posed to current military personal. You can apply for a personal loan from $1000 to $10,000 regardless of rank or credit rating. Yes Pioneer services often works with those with less than perfect credit, they also provide help to servicemen for rebuilding their credit. If your credit is less than perfect do not fear reaching out to this lender. They can even help you get a VA backed refinance or mortgage. Customer service is stellar here, and their entire customer service team is U.S based, so there is no misunderstanding a foreign CSR’s English.

Installment Loans Network
This online lender serves all of Wisconsin, both online or in person at one of their many physical locations throughout the state. The application only takes mere minutes to fill out, and you can even get prequalified without effecting your credit score! This allows you to see your possible rate, and find out if you will be approved for a loan, without a hard inquiry or dent to your credit score. You can borrow anywhere from $1500 to $25,000. If you have any questions or concerns this online lender has outstanding customer support with phone service, no endless email tag back and forth. This company also has been in business for over 90 years, and has built up a rock solid reputation over the years.


One Main Financial
This lender has a rock solid reputation, and several branches throughout Wisconsin. You can apply either in person or online, and if you do opt to apply online you will get an instant response. Once your online application has been filled out, it will be forwarded to the branch that is closest to you. Once this happens a loan specialist will contact you shortly. They offer loan amounts as low as $300 for those unforeseen emergencies, and larger loans of up to $10,000. Repayment is simple with this lender, since you can set up a payment date that best suits your unique financial situation. Your interest rate will vary according to your credit score, but they offer fixed rates, so your interest rate will remain the same throughout the lifetime of your loan. If you are the type that prefers to pay off your loan as quickly as possible, never worry about prepayment penalties with this lender, as they have none. To learn more, visit https://www.onemainfinancial.com