How to Get Ready for Hurricanes

How to Get Ready for Hurricanes

During an interview with Fox News, Dennis Feltgen, the representative for the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said that people should have already taken action to make preparation for the hurricane now instead of delaying to a later time. To get ready for the hurricane, you must stock up at least 1 week of food and water. You must get ready a first aid kit that is stock up with all the medicines that you need.

Feltgen also encouraged the people to board up the windows and doors of their houses.

The Ready.gov website has put up a notice to inform those who have decide to evacuate the area. They are to make sure that they know the evacuation route and make the plan to a temporary shelter where you can stay until the hurricane storm is over.

For those who are evacuating the area, some of the essential items that you should bring along are Torchlight, batteries, money, first aid kit, drugs for those who suffer from medical complications and important documents.

You should get ready supplies such as drinking water, food, and power generator if you are not staying in an area where the evacuation warning has been issued. Preparing these supplies is important as the rock will be block and hard for you to travel to the store during the flood.

What to Do When the Storm is Hours Away

Residents should start moving in objects that can be blown away by the wind such as trash can to a sheltered place as well as pruning heavy tree branches when the weather channel reports the storm will happen in 18 – 36 hours.

If the storm is happening in 6 – 18 hours timeframe, you are advised to start visiting the county website for update every 30 minutes. Besides, you should also make sure that your cell phone is charged all the time so that you can contact your friends in case of power outage.

The site also provides tips on what you should do when you are less than 6 hours away.

You should let people know about where you are if the storm is 6 hours away and you still did not evacuate the place and go to a shelter. The refrigerator should be set to the coldest temperature.

Traveling on the Highway During Hurricane Flood

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has post warning on the possible dangers drivers could face while traveling on the highway during the flooding season. FEMA site asks people to be careful when traveling in low lying area or bridge and highways in low areas because they are likely to already become flooded.

If you see flood water when traveling halfway, you should turn your car around and go the opposite way.